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All Research facilities on metallurgy, chemical analysis, welding, protective coating, paint manufacturing corrosion & cathodic protection for submerged bodies, laboratory testing and fuel testing etc. are available.

 Areas of work:
Corrosion preventive technology for marine environment.
Dev. of metallic and non-metallic materials for specific application in marine environment.
Marine biological studies in marine environment.
Dev of electrochemical power source-fuel cell.
Environmental studies related to harbour pollution.
Air quality monitoring/control in the closed compartments of ships and submarines.
Scientific support to the Fleet and Naval establishments in the above areas.
X-ray Diffractometer (RIGAKU) - For crystallographic studies and analyses.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer - For studies of dynamic mechanical properties of polymers.
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer - For elemental analysis.
Hydraulic Press - For compaction of powders.
Rotoviscometer - For measurement of Viscosity of polymers and paints.
Instron-1123 (TS Testing Machine) - For evaluation of mechanical properties of polymers and coatings.
Weatherometer - For weatherability evaluation of coatings under accelerated conditions.
Fuel Cell Load Test Assembly/Fuel Cell Test Station – For capacity test of fuel cells.
Cathodic Protection Tank – Scale down model ICCP test facility.
Inductivity Coupled Plasma Spectrometer and Direct Reading Spectrogrph- - For elemental analysis of metals and alloys.
Instron-8033, MTS-810, and Schenk PC-160 - For measurement of fracture toughness, proof stress, etc.
Optical Microscope- For polarised light oblique illumination macro examination of metal surfaces, and grain size determination/distribution.
Scanning Electron Microscope – For microstructure determination.
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